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Welcome to the Stramit SharePoint Caml Viewer

I write this tool to help me in writing CAML Query.

Perhaps, you're notice that some CAML is autogenerated each time you're create a view in a list.

My idea is to create some light view in SharePoint, get its CAML code, modify it and paste it into my code

I made the first version for 2003

Here the 2007 version !


  • Use only Web services from SharePoint 2007
  • use current or custom credentials
  • list of the different list and views (hidden or not) of the selected site
  • auto capture of the CAML source of each component : list / View / Fields / Query
  • get a full CAML list of each column of a list
  • the cAML is view by 3 ways : string, formated indexed XML string and treeview style
  • each CAML code can generate a stringbuilder version in VB or C#
  • the query can be directly execute and test in a result tab : gridview / xml string or Treeview Style

Here's some screencap

Install process :

You just need the .Net framework 2 :)

Thanks to Thomas Lebrun, Philippe Sentenac and Jopx for all the testing process !

Ps : i use also the CAML Builder from U2U : the 2 tools make a super package !

Renaud Comte MVP
US blog :
FR blog :

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